Organic Perms

Men’s and Women’s perm results

Men’s Perm and Women’s Perm

Have you ever thought of having an Organic Perm? Curls, waves and general movement in hair are still a very strong trend for 2023. They create volume and attitude to a style. If however your hair is straight or generally lacks volume there’s an answer. We  now offer  Organic perms at Oliver Stephens, Soho!

About the perm..

Enriched with plant amino acids, Think Curl will nourish and protect hair throughout the perming process. Unlike most perms, Think Curl is free of harsh chemicals like Ammonium Thioglycolate, Ammonia, SLS and SLES, which are known to weaken hair and irritate the skin. The ingredients used are much kinder, so even over-processed hair can be permed with Think Curl. However, we still recommend using Power Build Treatments prior if your hair has colour. 

Other benefits..

With Think Curl, there’s less swelling of the hair shaft during perming. Less damage and breakage than traditional perms. It gives softer, healthier, more natural looking curls. It’s also Vegan friendly and cruelty free! 

Key natural and Organic ingredients.

Think Curl has Gluten free Wheat Protein which protects and improves shine and softness. It contains natural Soy Protein which is a strengthening agent and contains Chamomile which has conditioning and anti inflammatory properties.

Curls techniques

Perming techniques have advanced since the 80s! Curls are now a lot looser and natural looking. Think Curl is great to also create volume in fine, flat hair. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, we’re confident our Ammonia free Curl service will deliver and bring life back into your hair again! For further advise or information, please e mail oliver@oliverstephens or give us a call in Soho on 02074390666. Consultations advised for best results.