Hair up collection

Five hair up looks for the Christmas Season
Our 5 look Hair up menu.

Get party ready with our 5 look menu of Hair up looks! We recently put together 5 looks that’ll make you dazzle this Christmas at Oliver Stephens!

Look 1:Classic High Pony tail.

Choose from the classic pony tail, gathered high and secured with a transparent band. The high pony is a look that is timeless and works with any outfit plus suits most face shapes. Finished with a high gloss spray to give extra shine, you know you’ll be turning heads at the party!

Look 2: Classic finger waves

Classic fingers waves can be incorporated into longer and shorter hair styles. It’s yet another classic look that will suit most face shapes and will look timeless in photos. Choose from a firmer wave or a looser version for more flow. We finish the look with a high gloss spray for ultimate shine and to make the hair look like it’s in incredibly good condition. You can also dress out the look the next day by combing or brushing through with a soft bristle brush. Then use dry shampoo to revive the roots.

Look 3: Party girl

Why not try having your hair up? Party girl brings the hair into a top pony and incorporates curls and waves through the mid lengths and ends of the pony tail. It’s sassy, it’s sexy and it screams party girl! Finished with our Fix 6 spray, you know the look will hold all night!

Look 4: Seductive braids

Look seductive this party season with a deep parting and tight braid. The look screams class and will look incredible with that ‘to die for’ dress you bought! Finished with high gloss and Fix 6 spray, you’ll love the mirror shine.

Look 5: Streets tough

If you’re more of a street kid, why not go for the Streets Tough look this Season. With it’s mix of textures, it’s a look that’s bang on trend this Winter. Half up, half down, it’s just cool whichever way you look at it! Dressed out with dry hair spray, it’ll last well until the party’s over!