Thicker Hair today !

Why we choose to use Great Lengths.

We use and recommend Great Lengths Hair Extensions at Oliver Stephens . As the leading hair extensions supplier, they only supply ethically, responsibly sourced hair. By adding more hair, you can achieve fuller, thicker which retains style all day. Choose from the classic keratin bond fusion technique for a lightweight feel or the tape technique for a full head in under an hour!

Choosing the right system for you!

Oliver has been using Great Lengths Hair Extensions for twenty years now. ‘I believe the quality of Great Lengths Hair is supreme to many other brands. I prefer to choose hair which is sustainability and ethically sourced. More importantly, i believe there i minimal damage to the hair using this system. If hair is fine and delicate, i will use a micro bond which won’t stress the natural hair. Placement is key to discretion. “When i attach the micro bonds, it’s always one to two inches from the hairline. Therefore when hair is tied up, there’s no sign of the bonds. I also have clients who’ve regretted a short haircut. That’s where tapes can be a lifesaver!’

Create more volume with a half head of Hair Extensions. Hair by Oliver
Great Lengths Hair Extensions by Oliver