Great Lengths Hair Extensions


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Great Lengths Hair Extensions supply ethically, Bcorp and responsibly sourced hair. By adding more hair, you can achieve fuller, thicker which retains style all day. Choose from the classic keratin bond fusion technique for a lightweight feel or the tape technique for a full head in under an hour!

Choosing the right Great Lengths Hair Extensions application. 

Oliver has been applying Hair Extensions for over twenty years now. ‘I believe the quality of Great Lengths Hair is supreme to many other brands. I prefer to choose hair which is sustainability and ethically sourced. More importantly, i believe there i minimal damage to the hair using this system. If hair is fine and delicate, i will use a micro bond which won’t stress the natural hair. Placement is key to discretion. “When i attach the micro bonds, it’s always one to two inches from the hairline. Therefore when hair is tied up, there’s no sign of the bonds. I also have clients who’ve regretted a short haircut. That’s where tapes can be a lifesaver!’


Great Lengths Hair Thickening Service. 

Our Great Lengths Hair Extensions service is also the perfect way to solve fine hair issues. You may not necessarily want more length, but thickness can be an issue. Oliver uses a micro bond technique which involves using the smallest possible bond to minimise any tension and to also keep them discreet. The result is outstanding. Your hair will appear more volumous, it will hold a style all day and the effects can last up to four and five months! Oliver also blends areas of the hair which never seem to grow. ‘I often find the front areas can be stubborn to catch up with the back! One way of solving that is to gently apply a few micro bonds to fill in these areas. Not only will it thicken the overall look, it will also give the haircut a stronger perimeter. You will find that styling will hold all day rather than just at few hours, giving a new found confidence. 


Colour Blending.

Oliver will analyse your current hair colour, and with his 25 years of experience, blend the colour seamlessly by matching it to our vast array of tones. Matching ash tones or gold warm tones will never be a problem with Great Lengths Hair Extensions. The depth will be scrutinised under light and the reflects will match without any issues. 


Longer Hair Today!

If length is on the agenda, there’s also a vast array of lengths available. Choose from shoulder swinging 12 inch to past the shoulder 16 inch. Go longer still at 18 inch and finally uber long 22 inch! 



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Create more volume with a half head of Hair Extensions. Hair by Oliver
Great Lengths Hair Extensions by Oliver