Hair Extensions Specialist London

Why not visit our Hair Extensions Specialist London today! Book now with our Specialist, Oliver who uses and recommends Great Lengths sustainably sourced hair extensions. Extensions will help you overcome fine hair issues and enhance volume in your hair. Using the micro bond system and tape hair extensions, you can achieve a natural, seamless appearance that no one will ever suspect!

Micro Bond Extensions for Fine Hair

Our Hair Extensions Specialist London will carefully analyze your hair and select the best technique that will accordingly suit you. Oliver will then match the colour for a beautiful blend.  The feather weight of each bond allows for a light feel. Using micro bonds will minimize any damage because there is little tension. The non abrasive application sustains the integrity of the hair and allows for an ultra discreet look. Each bond is smaller than a grain of rice, allowing them to be ultra discreet.


Tape Extensions for Time-Sensitive or Occasional Needs

Keratin bond application will take a few hours because of the technique. So for clients under time pressure, we offer tape hair extensions! Re use your tape extensions up to four times! Their durability makes them a convenient and efficient choice. With their ultra slim design, they sit flat to the head and weigh next to nothing. The tapes remain discreet due to the application method, allowing you to tie them up with ease. Exercising is no issue, as long as the hair is washed after using the recommended shampoo and after care advise. All shampoos can be purchased in salon.

Experience the difference with our sustainably sourced hair extensions and transform your look with confidence at our Soho hair salon. Schedule a consultation with our hair extensions specialist

Model with hair extensions

Hair by our Hair Extensions Specialist