Hair Extensions Specialists.

Achieve incredible, natural looking, thicker, fuller hair in under two hours with our discreet keratin bonds. Extend length in just an hour with tape extensions. Enjoy the freedom to still tie up your hair without revealing your secret! Great Lengths are sustainably and ethically sourced hair extensions of the highest quality. Therefore they won’t cause damage to your own hair as each added strand is feather light. The hair is 100% human remmy hair which is sourced from the temples of India. The hair is then gently coloured over months, rather than hours, making it possible to match any shade. The beautiful texture will also give you the option to wear it straight or wavy.

Which System is right for you?

‘Every client has different hair, hence the need to create a bespoke service tailored to suit your hair type. I would use micro bonds for fine, fragile hair and a fuller bond for thicker hair. For immediate length to a shorter haircut, i would recommend our tape extensions. To blend colours seamlessly, i study the hair closely and match the extensions with multi colours.’ To get the best result, we recommend booking a free consultation with Oliver, our Hair Extensions Specialist.

Hair by Oliver using Great Lengths Tape Extensions

Hair by Oliver
Great Lengths Keratin Bonds

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