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Keratin Hair Extensions!

Before and after using Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Hair is fuller and thicker on the ends.
Before and After Hair Extensions

Is your hair lacking volume, or are the ends of your hair broken and uneven? Then Great Lengths Keratin Hair Extensions are the answer to your problems. Available in both our Soho and Beckenham stores.

Extensions are surprisingly affordable and can make a huge difference to your confidence, so why not give us a call today! We use Keratin bonds and Tape because they are much less damaging to the hair, and the brand is ethically sourced, something that’s really important to us at Oliver Stephens.

Both options are suitable for different hair types, so for the best option, a free consultation is the way forward. For more ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots, take a look at our instagram page!

Hair Extensions can resolve so many issues, from filling in areas of the hair due to breakage or just a bad cut. They’re also great for creating length for special occasions like weddings or holidays, and they’re surprisingly easy to manage! You can literally wash and let the hair dry naturally for a beach wave look. Or another option is to plait the hair damp, leave to dry, then release for awesome curls! They also come in a large selection of lengths, so don’t assume they’re only for long hair clients. You may have a shorter bob haircut, but it lacks volume. So in this case, and 8 inch or 12 inch length will suffice. And because we always recommend a natural look, the cost will be surprisingly affordable as we tend to order less rather than more.