Experience the Beauty of Organic Hair Colour at Our Soho Salon: Natural, Non-Toxic & Gentle on Your Hair

At our Organic Colour Salon London, we’re proud to offer another healthier, more comfortable, and non-toxic hair colouring experience. Our Organic Hair Colours are not only gentle on your hair but also provide stunning, natural-looking results. All the colours are PPD free and Ammonia Free and contain 95% naturally derived ingredients.

The Advantages of Organic Hair Colour

Our organic hair colours are specially formulated to be gentle on your hair and scalp, also providing a safer, non-toxic alternative to traditional hair dyes. With no harsh odours and complete coverage of white hair, our organic colours also deliver beautiful, multi-tonal effects. The colours mimic the way natural hair looks in the light. They are all PPD free and Ammonia Free which makes them a safer option for colouring your hair. Try them today at our Organic Colour Salon London!

Personalized Organic Colour Consultation at our Organic Colour Salon London

At our Organic Colour Salon London, our Colour Specialists will carefully analyze your hair’s strength. We will then apply a suitable organic hair treatment accordingly before colouring. Then, we’ll expertly blend your hair colour for a vibrant yet natural appearance. At Oliver Stephens’s we understand the importance of a thorough hair consultation because it allows us to analyze the hair’s integrity first then basically allows us to fully understand the outcome you’d like to achieve. This then gives us the opportunity to discuss whether that outcome is viable on a first visit or whether there may be subsequent visits to reach those hair goals.

Discover Your Perfect Organic Colour Technique and Tone

Choose from popular techniques like low-maintenance Balayage or our seamless Highlights for brighter effects around the root area. At our Organic Colour Salon London, we also specialize in Full Head Bleaching with Ammonia free lightener, White Hair coverage, reverse Balayage and Block Colouring. Our bespoke hair toner services allow us tweak the final outcome of the colour. Choose from our beautiful ash tones or our rich honey and gold tones. Or maybe you’d like to add red and copper tones to old faded ends? Or try Mahogany and subtle mocha tones?  Our expert Colour Specialists will discuss this part of the service to give that final finishing touch for a stunning result.

At our Organic Colour Systems Salon in Soho, London, you can achieve healthier, beautifully shiny hair with our 95% organically derived hair colours. Experience the difference of non-toxic, gentle, and vibrant organic hair colouring by booking a consultation with our Colour Specialists today. Transform your look and embrace the beauty of organic hair colour at Oliver Stephens. Consultations can be booked through our website.

Organic Colour Salon London using Copper reflects